Mercantile Building
Sculptural Installation, 10' x 15'

Mercantile Building is a 100-year-old building in Providence modified over time by users of the space who decorated it to their own tastes. The space has changed to reflect how humans affect the spaces that they exist in. All the original denizens of the building are gone and a local arts organization has bought the space for restoration. As the space is cleared, so goes the hand of the people who used this space. I have acted as the urgent archeologist, taking the walls from this space and reconstructing them into a new space. The walls that I select are representations of each room. The final installation preserves the building, consisting of a maze-like room that gives viewers the feeling of being in this liminal space, decorated with items and the walls from the space itself. Light boxes light the space and the final art piece, a 4’x5’ light box depicts the items in the space that they once inhabited.